The State Government has identify tourism as a potential major revenue
earner, as well as means of attracting foreign investment to various
sectors of the economy of the State. Towards this end, the former State
Governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in all his foreign trips espoused the numerous tourism potentials, as well as numeral resources
available in the State.The State Waterfront and Tourism Development Authority, the State government┬┤s organ established to actualize the
lofty ideals of the State Gobernment in the development of tourism in the
State has continued to seek the collaboration of both governmental and
private sector agencies. This move has yielded results with the establishment of the first slave museum in Badagry, a riverine town
in Lagos State noted for is slave relics and other major tourist
attractions including first story building the country and location in which
Christanity was first preached.

Also the annual Black Heritage Festival initiated by the Waterfront and
Tourism Development Authority has been accoded an international
status. Both Federal and Lagos State Governemnts are also collaborating in developing the Lagos Bar Beach into a first class
international tourism site. Local and International inverstors are also being wooed on the development of other tourism projects including the Kuramo Water,
Based Recreational Zone, Lekki Maiyegun Resort Based Zone,
Badagry Beach/Marina, Epe Marina Recreational and Cultural Zone and
the Eleko Beach.


Written by:

Abdul-Fattah.A.O. Odusola – Fasinro