Lagos State is located on the south western part of Nigeria on the narrow coastal plain of the Bight of Benin It lies approximately on longitude 2042´”E and 322”East respectively and between Latitude 6022”N and 60 N2”N.

Lagos State lies to the south-western part of the Federation. It shares boundries with Ogun State both in the North and East and is bounded on the west by by the Republic of Benin.
In the South it stretches for 180 kilometers along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The smallest State in the Federation. It occupies an are of 3, 22% or 787 sq. km of which consists of lagoons and creeks.

Capital: ikeja

Area: 3,577 sq. km

Population: 10,601,345 (2005 FOS est.,)

Language: Yoruba

Governor: Babatunde Fashola (AC)

ISO 3166-2: NG – LA

Dated Created: 27 May 1967

Population Rank: Ranked 1st