Realising the urgency in diversifying and broadening the economic base
on the State, the Tinubu administration took a bold and courageous
initiative by creating a Mineral Resources Office in March 2011.
The Office was saddled with the responsibility of making Lagos State a mineral producing and processing state (solid, liquid and gascous)
within the shortest possible time and with the most cost effective way.
The Office was to embark on collation of available data on
mineral resouces in the State, commission studies to determine the
availability of mineral in terms of lacation, quantum and commercial viability. It was also to create a private sector / Investor friendly
environment in order to attract active participation in the exploration
and exploitation of minerals in the State, advise the State
Government on joint venture arragement or equity participation
regarding upstream or downstream devolopment, as well as assess the
enviroment impact of mining activites, in addition to establishing an administrative register of mining companies in the State.

Since its creation, the Office has embarked on gathering data to
establish the quantum and spread of minerals in the State, liaise with the
Federal Agencies including the Federal Geological Survey Department,
Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals, Department of Petroleum resources and the Federal Bitumen Project implementation Committee Akure,
for technical assistance and cooperation.

A register of miners including sand diggers has also been established for
proper coordination of their activities while consultations have been held
with companies operating in the up and  downstream sector and
attended to complaints of communities on mining activities. The Office
also represent the State Government on the State Solid Minerals Committee (Federal and State) which has the responsibiltty to
recommend issuance of mining license to the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals.